Emmanuel has never met his biological father. Before he was born, his father left his mother, leaving Emmanuel to be raised by a single parent. His mother struggled greatly to provide for his basic needs, and things like school were considered unattainable luxuries.

Emmanuel and his uncle Lawrence at his college graduation in October of 2018.

When Emmanuel’s uncle, Lawrence, found out he was not able to go to school, he took him in and paid for his education. Lawrence was working for the Ministry of Education at the time and could afford to send Emmanuel and his own children to school. When Emmanuel was in the 10th grade, Lawrence began studying to receive his seminary degree which put a financial strain on the family. Luckily, Lawrence found out about African Vision of Hope and was able to enroll him. Emmanuel graduated with his high school diploma two years later, and applied for an African Vision of Hope college scholarship.

This past October, Emmanuel graduated college with his degree in Secondary Teaching and has been hired to teach at African Vision of Hope School in Kasama, Zambia. His uncle Lawrence is now the Superintendent of Schools at African Vision of Hope and is incredibly proud to see Emmanuel’s transformation from poverty to possibility.

“Emmanuel’s graduation day was a wonderful day for everyone in our family. He has been released from extreme poverty and has the skills and abilities to fulfill the purpose that God has for him. He will never beg for food or shelter because you stretched out your hand to help him. Thank you African Vision of Hope for changing his life. He had no hope but is now swimming in the hope you brought his way. It is not an illusion, this is real. A life has been changed completely. He will go on to change the lives of many children, and they will do the same. Generations will be impacted through Emmanuel.” – Lawrence

Emmanuel’s cycle of poverty has ended because he was given the gift of education. As a teacher, he will give that gift to his students for years and years to come. This is all because of generous donors like you. Will you say “yes” to students like Emmanuel who have dreams of going to college and taking their education to the next level?


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