One of the greatest delights for a sponsored child is to receive a letter from his or her sponsor. These letters are treasured and read over and over again.

Writing to your sponsored child is important and a way for you to have a positive impact on his or her life. However, it might sometimes be a little difficult to think of things to write–especially at first, when you’re just getting to know them. 


To help get you started, or to keep you motivated and writing regularly, here are 5 things to share with your sponsored child for a quick and easy letter that lets them know they are loved. 


  1. Describe your family. Talk about your children, parents, siblings, and pets, and why you are thankful for them. This includes sharing your favorite memories, funny stories, and include photos when you can. Sponsor photos are cherished by the children.
  1. Talk about your faith and what gives you hope. Your words can help encourage your sponsored child in his or her faith. You can share your favorite Bible Verse and tell them you are praying for them.
  1. Share about things you like to do. Consider sharing what sports you enjoy. You may like to dance, sing, sew or your favorite pastime. Share about you.
  1. Encourage your child. This may seem obvious, but this encouragement has an incredible impact on your sponsored child. Celebrate milestones they have achieved and encourage them to work hard in school. Share how you believe in them and have confidence in them. 
  1. Asking questions shows your sponsored child you would like to get to know them better and build a relationship with them. You already know their favorite subject in school and favorite pastime, so this is a good starting point for questions. Ask about their friends and how they enjoy spending their time. You can also comment on recent letters and artwork they have sent you.


Here are a few additional tips to note as you get started:
  • Your letters don’t have to be long. Keep them short and simple in your writing. The students are still learning English. Metaphors and slang words are hard for them to understand.
  • You can write a handwritten letter or card. You can use one of our printed templates you receive in the mail, or write a digital letter through the sponsorship portal. You can contact our office if you have any questions.
Try not to:
  • Suggest your child visits you in the US
  • Make promises (for example, getting your child a gift or coming to Zambia)
  • Mention materialistic things like your home or car
  • DO NOT send large gifts. Extra items in your letter should be flat and lightweight. Large gifts are difficult to send and can create unwanted attention or jealousy between children.


Just remember, the simple act of writing and sending the letter is the most important part. Relax and keep it simple. Kids just want to feel known and thought of. Anything you say will accomplish that!


Happy writing!