The holidays aren’t always happy for children living in Zambia. During the Christmas break, from mid-December to mid-January, many students go days without food. Without their daily school lunch, they have no reliable food source. Families continue to suffer from increased food prices, some more than tripling.


Thanks to you and a partnership with Feed the Hungry, families are being provided desperately-needed nutrition during the break. Child Protection Officers distribute rice to the homes of vulnerable students, an answered prayer to many who have been struggling to find food every single day. The Kambombo family of 12 depends on your generosity. Their elderly grandmother spends her days searching for work and rarely earns enough to feed her entire family. Seven children in this family are African Vision of Hope students and each receive a nutritious lunch every day at school, but during breaks, they must beg neighbors for scraps to prevent starvation.

When our team arrived at the Kambombo’s home they didn’t have any food in the house. Their grandmother exclaimed “God bless you!” when she was given fortified rice. Because of you, even when schools are closed during breaks, starving children and their families are still receiving life-saving nutrition. You are lessening the daily burden of mothers, grandmothers, and guardians who never know when their family’s next meal will be.


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